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240 w LED street lamp

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LED lighting lamps is our company developed a high brightness LED lighting assembly of street lamp, the product has the appearance of fashion, solid and reliable, waterproof and dustproof, the light is downy, energy conservation and environmental protection etc., and are available in a variety of color temperature options, widely used in road lighting.
The lamp adopts the aluminum alloy tensile body, die casting end cover, strong and durable, surface oxidation treatment, use black, white, silver surface spray treatment, can also according to user's need to spray into the specified color, white steel vacuum coating reflective cup, the lamps and lanterns of the structure is compact, reliable, durable, beautiful shape, very modern.Precision optical design, to ensure that the luminous uniform, high transparent toughened glass, high brightness high-power LED light source, waterproof and moistureproof processing, suitable for outdoor conditions, installation is simple, quick, strong commonality and wide application range.
Light source characteristics
ø the advanced surface light source encapsulation technology, independent intellectual property rights;
ø good thermal channel design;
ø high efficiency, high flux;
ø good color rendering;
ø low glare;
ø meet RoHS standards;
ø support all colours;

Power supply features
ø the input voltage of 90 ~ 264 v, 47-63 hz;
ø LED power 240 w;
ø power factor > 0.95;
ø circuit working life: 30000 hours

Lamps and lanterns features:
ø the light is downy, good color rendering;
ø cold light, no heat radiation, no harmful metallic mercury, green environmental protection;
ø low power consumption, long service life, good stability, high reliability;
ø lamp body adopts dense metal aluminum oxidation treatment;
ø mask USES toughened glass, high transmittance, safe and durable;
ø protection grade: IP65.
project SLD240W-J16 unit
The LED power 240 W
Color temperature 6400 K
Show that 70  
5 meters of illuminance values 179 Lx
Luminous flux 22000 Lm
The main body size 1210 * 344 * 131 mm
Working temperature - 40 ~ 50 +
Working humidity 0 ~ 95 %
The working life of the light source 30000 h

Light life:
Our lighting products with LED lighting as the lighting source, completely change the original single grain chip cooling, heat dissipation area compared with the same power of single grain chip extended hundreds and even thousands of times.LED lighting module USES the aluminum substrate, which can be quickly and other materials for secondary cooling heat dissipation, make the light source junction temperature rapidly conduction.Greatly improve the reliability of the light source and longevity.Expectations of LED light source life of 30000 hours.But, like all basic lighting, LED the luminous flux of lumen attenuation with time.LED lumen attenuation by many environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity and ventilation effect.Lumen attenuation is under control, thermal management, current levels, and many other electrical design considerations.In normal working conditions (temperature range: - 40 ℃ ~ + 50 ℃, humidity: 0-95% without setting humidity, adequate ventilation, and air quantity) use, can achieve the optimization of the LED life, otherwise you will make the products LED life is further reduced.
Droop curve
Product size chart
Such as light intensity curve diagram
Light distribution curve diagram
Road lighting curve diagram