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Entered the era of big mergers and acquisitions LED to uncover the LED industry mergers "insider"

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OFweek semiconductor lighting webex Along with the development of the industry, a large number of capital pouring into, the product profit is low, the homogeneity problem increasingly obvious, LED companies face the fate of the cruel superior bad discard. In 2015, LED industry consolidation mergers and acquisitions frequently, began to choose deep industrial chain, production, sales, products with high added value. According to incomplete statistics, the whole industry chain merger integration with more than 40 cases, m&a has more than 30 billion yuan, the total amount including capital purchase foreign brand lighting enterprise case in China.
According to forward-looking industry research institute "in 2016-2021 China's LED industry market foresight strategic planning and investment analysis report" incomplete statistics, in 2015, the whole industry chain merger integration with more than 40 cases, m&a has more than 30 billion yuan, the total amount including the Chinese capital to buy foreign brands lighting enterprise case. LED companies are no longer content to separate a particular field, the overseas mergers and acquisitions in 2015 cases, the most notable is GSR ventures group owned by royal Dutch philips Lumileds. According to the announcement, after the completion of the acquisition, philips will shift more than 600 patents about LED manufacturing and automotive lighting to Lumileds. Jinsha river is also planning to push Lumileds to capital markets, an IPO in the international market, to build industry leading enterprises. In addition, development pury ?
On July 20, 2015, and development subsidiary, Switzerland in with FORTIS ADVISORS, LLC (Bridgelux existing all the shareholder representative) signed the merger agreement and plan, pricewaterhousecoopers, $130 million deal to buy Bridge Lux100 % equity.
This share purchase success, and development is equivalent to control all Bridgelux the patent authorization and interaction of the enterprise, can be done from the chip to the module of vertical integration products and the development of silicon, gallium nitride master chip, epitaxial wafer, encapsulation, white light, the optical design and so on many core technologies, get out of the way and development to enter Europe and the United States, Japan and South Korea and other global high-end LED industry supply chain, sealed broad growth space for development in the future.
LED companies keen to overseas mergers and acquisitions
1, overseas to develop brand channels double harvest
Overseas mergers and acquisitions, is China's enterprise fast onto the international stage, an effective means to expand the overseas market. For domestic enterprises, brand management time is short, plus international cultural differences, local brands in overseas market foothold is not easy, and with the help of foreign mature brand and foreign existing market channel advantages, greatly shortens the market development cycle, save energy, with the money in time, change status, in the market is big business into the global LED display shortcut to ecosystem, to consolidate its international market position is good.
2, resources complementary patents
Overseas mergers and acquisitions, Chinese companies complement each other in our business, one of the best ways to improve strength advantage. General domestic LED listed companies overseas enterprises, advanced technology, break through the threshold of patent is the main purpose. Through mergers and acquisitions, master of the world's advanced patent technology, can effectively reduce the risk and cost of enterprise development, make full use of the experience curve effect, obtain product competitive advantage, etc. Combination of Chinese and western, complementary advantages, is more advantageous to the development of the enterprise.
Since the spring of 2016, the two cases of overseas mergers and acquisitions, multinational selling, heralding the era of the LED industry is moving overseas mergers and acquisitions, with foreign technology, patent into domestic resources, China's LED industry will also usher in a new chapter.