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China electronics technology group co., LTD. 13 electronics research institute set up in 1956 in Beijing, in 1963 moved to shijiazhuang. It is China's earliest and largest complete equipments, strong technical force, professional structure of integrated semiconductor research institute, is one of the earliest domestic units to carry out the high brightness LED to develop. In 1996 introduced the first domestic production (2400) MOCVD equipment, in 1998 took the lead in the domestic set up InGaAlP ultra-high brightness LED production line, has for years been taking 863 subjects, of the country's high technology in the domestic first implements the InGaAlP ultra-high brightness LED epitaxial wafer and chip industrialization, in 2000 completed the InGaAlP high brightness LED chip products design pattern identification, and completed the 863 "super high brightness LED epitaxial wafer and chip industrialization base of" the construction of the ?
Thirteen is the national semiconductor standards committee, director of the unit, IEC/TC47 under centralized unit of standardization and international network secretary, national semiconductor device quality supervision, inspection and test center, in the LED industry to participate in the formulation and responsible for thermal resistance test, etc, is designated for the 2008 Olympics only semiconductor lighting product testing institutions. 13 what can build with independent intellectual property rights for semiconductor lighting standard evaluation system, establishing influential LED lighting system.
Hebei avatar photoelectric technology co., LTD. Is the China electronics technology group co., LTD. 13 electronics research institute subordinate enterprises. Company relying on the thirteenth has long been engaged in semiconductor device and process research of technology accumulation, and the test environment, good matching ?

Who in recent years, the company introduced a series of LED lighting standard module products. Surface light source module using my own advantages of semiconductor process technology, LED encapsulation technology integrated into application products manufacturing process, solve the LED light source is widespread problem such as glare, and heat dissipation, the luminous efficiency increased by 30%, compared with the traditional technological costs are reduced and for white light LED lighting into the main lighting areas laid the foundation. Surface light source module has obtained respectively the two patents of utility model and invention. On the basis of the plane light source module, has developed the LED desk lamp, garden lamp, street lamp, absorb dome light, desk lamp, such as application of product, the product after the market is very popular with users, has been in short supply.
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