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The respect customer, understand customer, continue to provide exceed customer expectations of products and services, do customers forever partners. This is our has always insisted on and advocated by the service concept.
First, every step, first think of the customers
After the enterprise by the seller market into buyer's market, consumer's consumption concept changes. In the face of many goods (or services), consumers are more willing to accept good quality product (or service). Here not only refers to the quality of the product intrinsic quality, also includes the product packaging quality, service quality and a series of factors. Therefore must comprehensively, maximize meet the needs of the consumers.
Cardiac should stand in the customer (or consumer) position, rather than standing in the company's stance on research, design, and improve the service.
Has perfect service system, strengthen the pre-sale, sale, after-sales service, for customers in the use of commodities in all sorts of problems in a timely manner to help solve, make customers feel great convenience.
Has attached great importance to the customer opinion, let the customer participate in decision making, the handling of customer opinion as to the satisfaction of customers is important one annulus.
Has one thousand ways to retain existing customers.
Has set up the system of all customer centered. The establishment of institutions, the transformation of the service process, and so on, all to customer demand as the center, for customers to set up a rapid response mechanism.
Second, the customer is always right
First, the customer is commodity buyers, not a trouble maker;
Second, the customer the most aware of their needs and interests, this is what companies need to collect the information; Third, because customers have a consistent "natural," is the same customer quarrel quarrel with all customers.
Three, the three elements of customer satisfaction:
Goods satisfaction: refers to customers satisfied with the quality of the goods.
Service satisfaction: refers to the customer for the purchased goods pre-sale, sale, after-sales service of a certain attitude. How no matter how perfect the goods, the price is reasonable, when it appeared in the market, must rely on the service. "After-sales service make permanent customer".
Corporate image satisfaction refers to the social public to the enterprise comprehensive strength and the overall impression of certain evaluation.
4 and 5 s concept
"5 s" means "SMILE (SMILE), fast (SPEED), honesty, SINCERITY, clever (SMART), studies (STUDY) English acronym five words. "5 s" concept is the most representative service culture innovation, not only has the human nature real time characteristic, also has considerable maneuverability.
Smile: a modest smile. Assistants to have a caring heart to customers, can be a real smile. Thank you smile can reflect on the heart and the heart of tolerance, a smile can be bright, healthy and caring.
Quickly: refers to the "quick", it has two meanings: one is the speed of physical, that is as far as possible when work faster, don't let customers waiting. 2 it is to demonstrate the speed, the seller sincerity real action and considerate heart can lead to customer satisfaction, so that they don't feel like waiting for a long time, as a rapid action show vitality, don't let customers waiting for is an important measure of service quality.
Honest: if be sincerely for customer service, dedication to customers must be able to relate. Work with the attitude of sincere is not false, is an important basic mentality and the basic principles of people skills.
Smart: refers to the "smart, clean and efficient". Greet customers in a way that is clean, neat and agile, graceful movements to packaged goods, in a flexible clever work attitude to gain customer trust.
Research: to keep learning and mastering knowledge of goods but the customer psychology, and reception and coping skills. More efforts to study the customer's daily shopping psychology, sales, service skills, professional knowledge, study more goods is not only at the reception customer level improved, also will have better results.
Cardiac we do business first, of course, is to make money, but not just for the money, more is not a mercenary.
Derive profits is pay for high quality services. The process of pursuit of profit is by spring ?